May 14, 2016: Mel wakes up early to get to Chicago for the party. It seems an unreasonable hour to be up, but the coffee helps.
May 14, 2016: Mel’s sister and the bridesmaids gather in the hotel in downtown Chicago. The sign above the bed reads “Cheers Bitches.”
May 13, 2016: Rainbow keychain atop a laundry machine while the bachelorettes pack for the morning trip to Chicago.May 14, 2016: Dancing with feather boas in the basement of a Chicago burlesque club to the music of Davide Bowie.
May 14, 2016: Preparing for the night out with two brides and four bridesmaids.
May 14, 2016: Walking back to their seats to watch the burlesque show, Mel is filled with joy.
May 14, 2016: Heather and Mel share a kiss after dancing. Mel began crying from happiness after and asked me to not share photos.May 15, 2016: Wild conversations late into the night.May 15, 2016: Walking to Chicago’s “L” on the first part of the trip back home and a life together.