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Photojournalism & Essays from New York

Backstage with High Waisted

March 2022
A few photographs from New York City’s psychedelic surfers of sound waves, High Waisted. I was fortuante to catch them at Bowery Ballroom for their first show since quarantine. more

Endless Winter 2022

April 2022
Keep thinking winter is over, yet a raw sunshine stays frozen to my face. Affairs with the proletariat. Affairs from on high in the spirit of Zeus and that American demigod JFK. A rich kid from . . . . more

Behind the Scenes Fashion

March 2019
Revisiting in the time of COVID offers a different, almost innocent journey. Behind the scenes work is for me a kind of distilled photojournalism. No influence, no interference, no editing of any kind. The producer or designer or director is fully in charge. more

Reasons for Missing

March 2022
Reasons for Missing is the premier photobook by Stevie Anselm. It includes over 180 photos taken from 2017 to 2022. Most, though by no means all, are street and life journalism centered around New York City and travel to the Midwest. more

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black and white magazine
nylon magazine
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