AM you Here

November 2019

“That was when I learned that words are no good; that words don’t ever fit even what they are trying to say at.” — William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying

In 2019 we’re all jet-setters. Or at least we can play pretend from the comfort of a little screen with an adequate internet connection. You can find other people who have said it better—Breathing, Simulations, The Internet Does Not Exist—this here is just one people and maybe later two people or more (contribute?) trying to make you a missive.

Somewhere I read people aim to own you by naming you. As I Lay Dying, I thought. But a reread dug up other truths. Analyses of the novel surprisingly have a few folks calling it funny.

Therein lies some kind of answer about being born, raised, and labeled.  Faulkner may be funny if you’re not well acquainted with the peculiarities of the rural United States, but he strikes with bitter truths if you. Makes you want to be built sideways. Thou shall not explain relationship complications.

I am here and you are there but you cannot point to me exactly because I ain’t these words that keep appearing with you. These words were and these words is with you. You are is because you must be is for these words to be are, yet when you try to look at where they are in then you is am

And this here is a reminder to invest time in the long-form story. The slow slow burn that is the cigarette that is flicked like giving the finger to a cop trolling your social media accounts. If nothing else, the next time you’re at a party ask something more interesting than “What do you do?” and “Where are you from?”