2020 // issue 2

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Letter for Your Congressperson

The following is published under creative commons for all public use, except commercial, without attribution.

I hope this message finds you in a state of unrest. Only the ignorant and immoral could rest at this moment when so many of our brothers, sisters, and siblings need air. When, if they are not being murdered in cold blood, they are slowly suffocated by people who have created policy and coward behind it.

The facts of police brutality, especially against young black men, are there for you to see in statistics, in the news, in the video of George Floyd being slowly murdered by a police officer on an American street.
Yet I know facts are not enough. I am asking you to listen to the voices of those of us who are gathering day after day. Safety is not ensured by more police training, weapons, oversight, or officers.

Safe, healthful, thriving communities arise from investment in the people in those communities, in education, healthcare, and housing. Communities where basic survival is not threatened by poverty, police, or color.
I am asking you, as an elected official chosen to be a paragon of our communities, to take action:

[your list]