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Documenting a DIY Tour

January 2019

excerpts from Audiofemme: CHECK THE SPREADSHEET: Documenting A DIY Tour
by Tarra Thiessen and Steven Anselm

Crisp ambition slouches on the black vinyl seat. Tendencies are not a cheap pretty firework bursts here, that’s a myth by young-death’s pushers, but a slow burn that starts to hurt long after the damage has begun. The wicked survive by blooming beautiful sweet in violet, citrus, sun-dazed reprieve promises. The genius though is the one most like themselves, and it is the genius that rests in the hot breeze humming through windows open on the way to the next stage.

If you are in this for wealth and fame, quit. Money and recognition won’t sustain you when buzzing 4 a.m. on a dim highway between low-frequency towns you question the meaning of music and every decision you’ve ever made.

They will not buy answers to doubts that wake you up with too little sleep, too few reassurances, and too many fights. Late again. May or may not be a real problem. Bad show. May or not be a real problem. New lover. May or may not be real.

As for the practicalities of one day to the next: have empathy, get close, listen well, wear black, use earplugs, add keywords, read books, and know when to put the camera away. No one with a thought worth hearing cares about your photo machine.